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Block Exemption

The Motor Law Complete Guide
to the 2010 Block Exemption

The new Block Exemption regulation came into force for the aftermarket on 1 June 2010, and will apply to the vehicle sales market from 2013. Both sectors are or will be subject to the general rules for vertical restraints.

This new regulatory regime is a radical departure from previous block exemptions. The Motor Law Guide is therefore being extensively revised and expanded, and will be published in June 2011 in conventional printed and e-book format.

Contents will include:

The legal background to the block exemption

The history of the motor industry block exemption

Analysis of the relevant legislation and the Commission's explanatory booklet

Frequently asked questions answered in layman’s language

The full text of the regulations with annotations by the author.

This new version of the Guide is written by Motor Law editor, Peter Groves, who has studied successive block exemptions closely ever since the first drafts of Regulation 123/85, on which he wrote his doctoral thesis, started to circulate.

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