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Our six issues each year will keep you up to date with all the legal developments affecting the industry. Topics and stories covered during 1998 / 1999 /2000 include:


ASA backs Ford over price promise (7/2)
ASA Sets Up New Process for Appeals (6/9)
Conviction for Misleading Advertisements (6/11)
Fuel additive supplier gives undertaking (7/5)
Fuel content regulations (7/2)
Government Consults on Comparative Advertising (6/11)
Grey Imports Advertising Ruling (6/10)
Human rights challenge to ASA code (7/8)
Misleading motor industry advertising (7/6)
New regulations on misleading advertising (7/2)
Substantiating advertisers' claims (7/1)

Block exemption (7/5)
Block exemption - EU Commission report (7/6)
Block exemption: EU Commission oral hearings (7/7)
Block exemption: legal action expected by Mercedes dealers (7/7)
Block exemption on Vertical Restraints Adopted (6/12)
Block exemption : UK industry must seize initiative (7/7)
Car prices: "Byers" order in force (7/4)
Car prices fixed says Which? (6/1)
Car Prices in UK Highest in Europe (6/3)
Car prices: the struggle continues (6/4)
Car prices: manufacturers criticised over volume discounts (7/6)
Changes to SVA System Proposed (6/9)
Commission acts over Ukraine tax breaks (6/1)
Commission Investigates Longbridge Aid (6/12)
Commission Reveals Plans on Vertical Restraints (6/6)
Commission rules Spanish car aid illegal (6/4)
Commissioner lukewarm about block exemption (7/3)
Commons Select Committee Condemns Block Exemption (6/6)

Special Report Competition Commission report (7/2)

Draft prices law needs clarification (7/3)
European Court interprets block exemption (6/3)
European Court set to support "Independent Specialists" (6/3)
Get Ready for the new Competition Act (6/6)
Government consults on SVA Changes (6/5)
Grey Imports Again (6/8)
Special Report Grey Market (6/4)
Honda Sues Parallel Importers (6/6)
Monopolies And Mergers Commission Investigation - what Happens Now? (6/8)
More Warnings about Level of Preparation for Competition Act (6/12)
New powers for OFT will speed up process (6/4)
OFT ends MOT price fixing (6/4)
OFT flexes its muscles (7/1)
OFT poised to commence proceedings over price-fixing (6/8)
OFT Probes car prices (6/5)
Panel suppliers in cartel (6/1)
Petrol Market competitive, says OFT (6/2)
Price Fixers Escape Fines ... (6/10)
Single vehicle approval legislation "fudged" (6/3)
Single vehicle approval rules relaxed again (6/10)
Single vehicle approval scheme prompts fears of grey imports (6/1)
State Aids (6/8)
Undertakings in car panel case (6/4)
Volkswagen Aid repaid (6/1)
Volkswagen fined for impeding parallel imports (6/1)
What is the Competition Commission Doing? (6/12)

Consumer Credit
0% finance claim untrue (6/1)
Consumer credit changes (7/1)
Finance company bound by oral approval (7/8)
"From" APRs - guidance from OFT (7/2))
Incorrect APR misleading price indication (7/2)
Limits for Regulated Agreements Raised (6/2)
Motor Industry Condemned for Misleading Finance Ads (6/10)
OFT Warning on Consumer Credit Licences (6/7)
Unforceable Car Hire Agreements (6/2) (6/9)(6/12) (7/1) (7/3) (7/8)

Arrows contract judgment (7/7)
Arbitration Limit Raised (6/11)
Consumers' Association Given Legal Powers to Fight Unfair Contract Terms (6/11)
Court of Appeal deals with awkward Customer (6/4)
Damages awarded for Disappointment (6/2)
Directive on Guarantees Agreed (6/2)
Distance selling rules (7/1)(7/5)(7/7)
Legislation to deal with Electronic Commerce Proposed (6/6)
Logo Scheme for Internet Traders (6/11)
Motor Industry Small Print under Scrutiny (6/5)
OFT Applauds new BVRLA Contract Terms (6/6)
Ordering goods on the Internet (6/3)
Perils of Internet Trading (6/11)
Selling "In the Course of a Business" (6/7)
Toy car no equivalent for renault Clio (7/8)
Unfair contract terms reported (7/4)
When is a Puff not a Puff (6/9)

Dealer Agreements
Arbitrator's Decision on sales Targets (6/5)
Dealer Loses Termination Battle (6/2)
Ex-Mitsubishi Dealer in Successful Appeal (6/10)
Former Toyota Dealer Loses Appeal (6/10)
Recent Dealer Agreement Developments (6/11)

Special Report Dealer Agreements (6/11)

Disability access: consultation on new Regulations (7/3)
Discrimination Becomes a European Issue (6/12)
Legislation to ensure fair treatment for the disabled (6/3)

Data Protection
Employers affected by new proposals on recruitment (7/6)
Use of surveillance is use of personal data (7/6)

New data protection rules in force (7/1)
New Privacy Laws on Sales Calls (6/9)

Agreement reached on Emissions (6/4)
Concessions on Leaded Petrol Criticised (6/12)
Dealership fined for polluting lakes (7/2)
Emissions fine challenged (6/1)
End Of Life Vehicles Directive Criticised (6/8)
European legislation on emissions agreed (6/3)
European Parliament Agrees Emissions (6/5)
European Parliament supports stronger air quality law (6/1)
Industry loses challenge on scrap vehicles (7/3)
Japan Plans Scrappage Scheme (6/6)
New Green Code (6/1)
RMI seeks exclusions from minimum wage (6/1)
Strict Liability for Pollution (6/2)
Toyota Faces US Emissions Lawsuit (6/10)

Freedom to snoop (7/5)
Government Proposals on Part-Time Employees' Rights (6/12)
New Rules on working hours introduced (6/4)
Unfair Dismissal Protection Extended (6/9)

Fair Trading
Codes of Practice: The End of the Motor Industry Code?(6/2)
Codes of Practice : What Future (6/7)
Codes of Practice: OFT Consultation (7/7)
Consumer Group given wider powers  to obtain injunctions (7/1)
Handling Complaints (6/11)
New Legislation to Regulate Motor Trade Cowboys (6/10)
New powers to target rogue traders (7/8)
OFT faces upsurge in complaints (7/5)
Secret filming can infringe company's privacy (7/2)
Unfair Contract Terms (6/2)

Compulsory insurance requirement extended (7/4)
Insurer to challenge pay out on stolen car (7/2)
US Insurer sues Ford (6/5)
US Insurer's Use of Non-Original Parts Challenged (6/12)

Intellectual Property
$39 million damages for patent infringement (6/3)
Action to Protect Famous Car Brand Names (6/9)
DaimlerChrysler clamps down on counterfeit parts (7/6)
Designs directive agreed (6/3)
Designs Directive: UK to push forward (6/1)
Designs Directive: government consultation (7/7)
European Court Permits Use of BMW Trademark (6/7)
European Parliament Approves design legislation (6/5)
Fake parts at Grand Prix (6/3)
GM Trade Mark Case (6/7)
Honda Drops Trademark Claims (6/10)
Independent Specialist Loses High Court Battle (6/9)

Merc on clothes did not infringe trade mark (7/8)

Shake-Up of UK Legal Justice System Takes Effect (6/8)

Misleading Pricing cost over 7000 (6/5)
Prosecution over misleading pricing (7/8)
Toyota loses appeal (6/3)
Vardy Fined for Misleading Pricing (6/7

Product Liability
"Unsafe" Airbag Allegation (6/8)
Appeal Court rules Dunlop 100% to blame for tyre case (6/1)
Pressure on corporate responsibility (7/5)
Chrysler Damages Endorsed (6/12)
European Commission Consulting on Product Liability (6/11)
Fire & Bridgestone fly in the US (7/4)
Firestone fallout continues (7/8)
GM recalls a million cars (6/4)
Ignorance is no defence (7/8)
Latest UK Recall Statistics (6/7)
Manufacturer accused of putting customer safety in the back seat (7/4)
Mis-trial Declared in Isuzu $5M Roll-Over Case (6/8)
Mitsubishi and executives indicted in Japan (7/8)
More Sky-High Awards Hit US Car Makers (6/10)
US Record Damages Award Reduced (6/11)
Vehicle Recalls (6/11) (6/2

Secret Filming not an Infringement of Privacy (6/11)

Road Traffic
'Permitting' must be Wilful or Reckless (6/9)
A Car Park is not a Road (6/6)
A Company Car Park is not a Public Place (6/9)
Employer of goods vehicle driver must hold operator's licence (7/2)
Euro passport for cars proposed (6/1)
European Community and Road Pricing (6/6)
Giving Address Details after an Accident (6/7)
Government to ban radar detectors (7/8)
Human rights challenge to obligation to identify driver (7/2)
Human rights no help in drink/drive cases (7/6)
Human rights illegal parker escapes second fine (7/6)
Minicabs to be Licensed (6/6)
MOT Database Legislation (6/7)
Motorised scooters are vehicles (7/5)
New legislation to prevent car crime (7/8)
New Motor Cycle Helmet Regulations (6/5)
New Regulations on Motor Cycle Eye Protectors (6/9)
No Tachograph needed for Vehicle and Trailer (6/2)
Offence Committed when Passenger Carried in Jeep with no Seats (6/12)
Recouping NHS Charges (6/6)
Seat belts (7/2)
Statutory off-road notification introduced (6/1)
SVA changes announced (7/4)
Tachograph needed for tour bus (6/3)
Tachographs (6/11)
The ultimate in radar detectors (7/8)
Type Approval for Motor Cycles (6/12)
Use of Radar Speed Gun Detector Device ruled Legal (6/2)

Vehicle inspectorate powers to remove tachogrpah records (7/2)
Wheel clamping challenge upheld (7/2)

Cars Seized under Safety Regulations (6/6)
Car seat appeal fails (7/7)
Conviction for Repair Offence (6/6)
Conviction over Horsebox (6/2)
Damages awarded for exposure to oil and petrol (7/4)
Fine over unsuitable Tyres (6/2)
Government Addresses Safety of Airbags Issue (6/12)
Motor Industry Must Act on Unsafe Vehicles (6/11)
Petroleum Prosecution (6/11)
Regulations Banning Asbestos Brake Linings now In Force (6/12)
Regulation for motor salvage industry (7/2)
RMI warns over crash repair agreements (6/1)
Safety Conviction over Unsafe Wheels Kit (6/12)
Survey shows Unsafe Part-Worn Tyres (6/2)
Tesco Fined 9,000 for Petrol Safety Offence (6/12)
Trading Standards will act on unsafe used cars (6/4)
Vehicle recalls in the news (7/4)

Service & Repair
Car Servicing (6/11)
Courtesy cars documentation (7/6)
Duty of care of MOT testers (7/6)
How Long are You Liable for Vehicles Left in your Care ? (6/7)
OFT Enquiry into Car Servicing and Repairs (6/8)

OFT negative on service & repair (7/4)
Servicing and repair prosecutions in the news (7/4)(7/8)

Sale of Goods
Directive on Guarantees Agreed (6/5)
EU Directive on Sale of Goods Finalised (6/9)
Government issues consultation on consumer guarantees legislation (7/7)
Satisfactory quality in a used car (7/1)

Change of Mind on VAT undermines Voucher Scheme (6/5)
Customs Act to Close VAT Loophole on Leased Cars (6/7)
Full part exchange allowance must be used to calculate VAT (7/5)
Insurance VAT Exemption to Go ? (6/7)
VAT Ruling Set Back for Leasing Industry (6/11)

Trade Descriptions
Assets confiscation order against clocker (7/4)
"Lexus Soarer" A False Trade Description (6/9)
12 Months For Clocking (6/10)
Biggest Car Clocking Ring (6/6)
Clocking loophole filled (7/1)
Disclaimers alone not enough (6/4)
False speed trap jammer claims in court (6/4)
Garage from hell in court (7/4)
Government Clamp-down on Clocking Planned (6/7)
Government rejects clocking law (6/1)
Mileage readings to be included on V6 (7/6)
More clockers go to gaol (6/4)
New Motor Cycle Clocked (6/10)
Part Time Trader sent to Jail (6/2)
Private Clockers sent to Jail (6/2)
Prison sentence for selling clocking equipment (7/6)
Private Motorist Prosecuted for Reverse Clocking (6/12)
Registration plate a false description (6/3)
Renault Retail Fined for Odometer Offence (6/10)
Trading Standards Officers have no obligation to prosecute (6/4)

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